Quotescapes Level 480 answers

Here are the answers and walkthrough to Quotescapes Level 480 Speicherstadt is the __ __ __ in the __ __ of red __ __ lean onto each __ in this __ of __ and __ Established __ the __ 19th __ as a __ for __ and distribution, the warehouses have been __ __ __ tea, __ and electronics.

Quotescapes Hello everybody, here we are today with Quotescapes, new exciting quiz for Android, which is on our review and find solutions. From easy to extremely difficult, these witty word scapes will surely crush your hours and increase your word vocabulary and train your brain limit in this free word games! This game consists of more than 1300 brainstorming puzzles, and that’s why you need help, and this page will help you in getting each answer correct. Different from the crossword, word search, scrabble, wit puzzle, we bring you an unexpected game experience with creative thinking and classic word puzzle. In this game, you have to connect the letter blocks to build a word. We have completed Level 480 and provided the answers which will help you to complete the level when you’re stuck.

Speicherstadt is the largest warehouse district in the world. Dozens of red brick buildings lean onto each other in this place of commerce and culture. Established during the early 19th century as a center for storage and distribution, the warehouses have been handling carpets, cocoa, tea, spices and electronics.

- Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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